Increase Your Life Expectancy By Following These Expert Tips

Top 5 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

How to Increase Longevity?

Researchers at Harvard University compared lifestyles, dietary, and other health practices deceased people with those of the living and of identified the most important predictors of early death. Lets look at the factors that increase life span first:


Regular intake of cereal fiber dropped the risk of death by 16%. Eating at least 4 grams or more of whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, etc. increased chances of a longer, healthier life.


An ounce of nuts everyday is very effective to drop the death rate by 14%.


Polyunsaturated fats like soy, sunflower, olive, canola, and corn oils, hazelnuts, avocado, flax meal, etc. are very good for heart and brain. For best health results, replace all animals fats with vegetable fats to add up more years to your life.

Physical Activity

Indulging in regular physical activity, at least 30 minutes every day is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The importance of exercising has been highlighted in most of our blogs. Choose the exercise regimen that suits your lifestyle and needs the best and enjoy a diseases-free, stress- free life.

The factors that take out years from your life include:

  • Hereditary diseases and personal history of diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes is a major factor in increasing the mortality rate.
  • High blood pressure is another strong predictor of a short-lived life.
  • Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption risk early death by about 50%.
  • High cholesterol found in animal foods like meat, eggs, cheese, butter, etc.
  • Obese people are more likely to die early.
  • Eating foods with a High Glycemic load like white bread, white rice, sweets, soft drinks cause blood sugar to rise quickly.
  • Family history of heart diseases.

Each one of us has a choice what to eat and what not to. It all depends on how you choose to live your life. Adopting healthy habits are a sure-shot way to stay healthy and live longer. The sooner you implement these, the better.

Article By: Alisha


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