How Does Exercising Help You Live Longer

Increase your Longevity with Exercise

Increase your Longevity with Exercise

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, have more energy, live a stress-free life, and live longer, you must start exercising today – the sooner, the better. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to exercise. Those who do not have not time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

From uplifting your mood to improving your sex life, exercise has innumerable benefits that you cannot afford to overlook. Here are some of the health benefits of exercise and physical activity:

Exercise keeps your Weight in Check :

Needless to say, exercise burns out the extra calories and helps to maintain ideal weight. If you are overweight, you should indulge in intense workouts regularly to shed off calories. Instead of exercising for longer hours one day and skipping working out for the next 2-3 days, the best is to find sometime from your daily routine every day. You can also inculcate small and simple habits in your lifestyle like taking the stairs in lieu of the lift, revving up your household chores, walking to the nearest grocery store in place of driving there, etc.

Exercise helps to prevent Diseases :

Regardless of your age or physical ability, exercise is known to combat health conditions and diseases. When you exercise, your high density LipoProtein or “good” cholesterol increases and unhealthy triglycerides or “bad” cholesterol decreases, no matter what your current weight is. Physical activity keeps your blood flowing smoothly, which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can prevent a wide range of health problems with exercising that includes stroke, diabetes, depression, cancer, arthritis, falls, to name a few.

Exercise uplifts Mood :

If you need an emotional lift, none can give you better than exercise. Start exercising and watch your self-esteem go high. Exercising burns stress endorphins and stimulates various brain chemicals that leave you happy and more relaxed.

Exercise reduces the risk of premature Death :

Due to increased maximal oxygen consumption after a workout session, exercise slows down degeneration of the central nervous system, thereby adding more years to your life. As per a recent research, the greatest threat to health is not the aging process itself, but rather inactivity. So, start your regular exercise today and reduce body fat and lower the risk of chronic lifestyle diseases.

Above are few of the many advantages of exercising. Make exercise a regular habit and a way of life. The extra effort to stay fit will pay off in leaps and bounds.

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