Are you losing Water or Lean Muscle?

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Long Term Effects of Losing Water or Lean Muscle Weight When Dieting

Your body is made up of about 60% water. You need water to survive. As a matter of fact you may have heard about people stranded without food lasting several weeks but without water they wouldn’t last more than a few days. The good thing about losing water weight is that as soon as you drink water you immediately hydrate yourself. Therefore, the water weight you lose comes back FAST.

Lean Muscle on the other hand is hard to gain back. Lean muscle doesn’t only refer to the muscles that make you look firm and buff. Important organs, such as the heart are made up of lean muscle. Lean muscle protect organs, and to a person wanting to lose fat lean, muscle is very important because lean muscle is like a furnace that is constantly burning and consuming calories. The less lean muscle you have, the lesser calories you require to carry out all of your daily functions. Therefore, if a diet causes you to lose lean muscle, after the diet is over your body requires fewer calories to function.

Counting Calories

Energy required to carry out daily activities can vary from person to person. The following chart is a good average but a professional evaluation can provide much more accurate and personalized information.

The key to getting slimmer (loosing body fat) or toning up (increasing Lean muscle) is finding a good balance of calories consumed and energy expenditure.


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